Editoral > I'll take Coal Ash over Clean Renewable Power

You probably have seen all the positive press on how great it is that Solar Systems are changing our landscape with Clean Renewable Power. Thanks to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Power Providers.

First let's take a quick look to the West Coast and see some progress in Renewable Power and then the rest of the story here in nine SouthEastern States under the TVA.

Two Californian cities that have adopted solar mandates have markedly different climates and demographics, showing solar’s wide appeal.

Sebastopol, CA. in Sonoma wine country. The city of fewer than 8,000 residents this week became California’s second city to require that new homes be outfitted with panels to produce solar energy. In the case of shading, the use of other energy alternatives is used.

A vote by the City Council on Tuesday evening came less than two months after a similar program was approved in Lancaster, CA. a desert city with 150,000 residents.

I'm not a person that believes that government has to pass regulations that you have to use solar or other clean energy alternatives. I do feel that in this day and age most people would go the route of Clean Renewable Power without a dictate.

The truth back here in Tennessee is we have No Choice Today for grid tied. In the nine states with 9 million people served by the TVA there are some Big Clouds over Solar as a Clean Renewable Power.

As it stands of this date and the next nine months. You can not place Grid Tied solar system on line (tied into the electrical power grid)! You can still put in place an Off Grid system (solar system with a battery supply system).

Here in part is a posting by ARiES Energy of Eastern Tennessee
As you are probably aware, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Green Power Providers program has reached the limit for solar photovoltaic (PV) applications in 2013. In 2012, TVA also reached the limit of applications being accepted and approved, however, a very small percentage (under 20%) was actually installed. This data was available on the TVA website, but now the website only shows the amount of applications submitted, not the amount actually installed.

The unofficial word from TVA is they will add the capacity of systems that do not get installed back into the “pool.” We can’t say when that will be or for certain if it will happen.

Other facts of the Green Power Programs claims a $1,000 payback bonus when you signup. But there was a $250.00 fee for hookup. That wasn't to bad a few years ago. But in 2013 the fees where upped to $250. and $500. so now that $1,000 payback bonus is really $250. net.

Looks like some Smoke and Mirrors to me, So next time we'll surely have enough Coal Ash to go around.

So let's forget the bonus and the few cents over you get paid for your kW you generate. If the Green Power program is really filled up in the first three months of the year? Then for the other nine months let us just have it that we use what we generate and if it's over we get credit (going rate) for what we place back out on the grid, known as net metering. As it stands now, We can't do it! If the TVA finds it's self having to buy outside power for peek demands, it's going to cost way more then the Green Power Providers cost them.

Note: The Obama administration's 2014 budget is calling for a strategic review of TVA. Just might have some merit after all.

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