Known by a local name the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee is an extension of the Allegheny Plateau. In the southern United States, where usage of Cumberland Plateau is the common term, usage of the term includes much of eastern Kentucky and western West Virginia in the United States, and also stretches in a band across Tennessee to include a small portion of northern Alabama.
Though the plateau is not composed of true mountains (although that is the local name for them), and nowhere is very high, it has some of the most rugged terrain in the eastern United States. Inhabitants of eastern Kentucky and western West Virginia mostly live in very narrow V-shaped valleys with little bottom land.*

Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau is 2,000 ft. avg. with a high point of 3,048 ft., that's one of the highest point between the Smokies and Rockies.

Tennessee's upper Cumberland Plateau is 80 miles West of the Great Smokey Mountains. Runs North-South between Knoxville and Nashville.


* Work in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, or mining

* Work in farming, fishing, or forestry occupations

* Work in food preparation or serving-related occupations

* Work in healthcare practitioning or technical occupations

People & Culture

* Born in the Midwest

* Born in the Northeast

* Born in the West

* Divorced females

* Wealthy retirees

* Widowed females


* Golf, whitewater, horseback riding, theater, hiking, boating, fishing