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Ghost Stories, Myths, Tales, Hoaxes, Legends, or Fact


FolkLore: Fact or Fiction

Ghost Stories, Myths, Legends and Tales, Hoaxes or Fact of Cumberland County and Nearby Areas

Cumberland Mountains Ghost Lights:

There are many people who have reported to have seen them, a phenomenon that occurs in the Cumberland Mountains at night. These ghost lights are just outside of Crossville, generally follow the Obed River near Interstate 40.

Stories claim two robbers killed an old man at his house for his money and the house burnt down with all of them in it, along with the money.

As I heard it, some robbers hid out in the area with the money they stole. The three died and the money was never recovered!

Grassy Cove Night Moans:

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Grassy Cove is a community just SouthEast of Crossville in Cumberland County, TN, near the Roane County line.

A petrified body of a man was found in a cave, removed and relocated in the cemetery surrounding the church. At night, moans could be heard coming from the cave where the body was found and screams in front of the church.

They later remove the body from the grave and return it to the caves.

The Sounds Ended!

Black Mountain Satanic Worship:

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Years ago, it was a pretty much known fact that Black Mountain (Crab Orchard) was a place that Knoxville area Satanist used to go to perform ceremonies. One person reports the he has actually walked up on a ritual one time, beating drums and carcasses, fire pit and all! Another reports seeing some evidence of several dog carcasses around a now burned house on the road leading up to Black Mountain. Also reported, there was a wire noose inside the old house and blood on the floor of the house, and there were at least two dog skeletons outside. There have been numerous reports of folk music being heard up there at very late hours.

Another states that there is a body up there that has never been found and they helped hide the body, but would never reveal the exact location. The person was killed and burned up, and left under a log.

Also heard, that a witch lives up there and that her house burned down. It's said she still resides up there and if you go to a certain spot you will see her and be cursed. The curse was said that she will attempt to kill you before you get off the mountain!

You make the call ......


Sunbright, Tennessee - Burntmill Bridge:

 People have recorded sightings of a young girl walking back and forth across the old ran down bridge (thats only about 25 feet high), looking for her father that killed her and threw her over the bridge in the early 1960's. No one ever reported her doing harm except one had said to seen her fall off the bridge and and not make a splash when entering the water. (Ref: appalachianghostwalks.com)

Bell Witch:

You'd have a difficult time finding a Middle Tennessee native who hasn't heard of the "Bell Witch". Located in rural Robertson County, TN.

See the movie, Summer 2006


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