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the Confederacy Flag that Flaps over I-40

  As I traveled West on I-40, just before going down to the Highlands from the Upper Cumberland Plateau, many a day wondering why and who had place the Confederate Flag there.  So now a new 70-ft. flag pole was put in place to replace the original 45-ft.pole.

It was placed there Honoring the Confederate Ancestors. The Ferguson-Standing Stone SCV camp has flown a huge Confederate battle flag on the site since mid-July, 2005. The new emphasis on getting a larger flag pole and working on getting markers made with the names of their Confederate ancestors and others who fought from the area, engraved on them begins as the Civil War Sesquicentennial begins and 2010 and ends in 2015.

  To find a camp in your area, visit online to www.scv.org; or call 1-800-MY-SOUTH, or 1-800-MY-DIXIE.
 The Capt. Champ Ferguson – Standing Stone Camp #2014 . Their website is

The first battle flag that was flown in 2005 was shot at during the first few weeks and then stolen by November of that year.  The old pole may be put back up when it is straightened to fly other historically correct Confederate flags. in part from: Hilltop Express